Do you need a hand at packing all the items inside your home and getting them ready for a long, interstate move for your corporate or personal needs? Get in touch with US Moving Services today! We are your go-to service when looking for honest moving company reviews, ratings, free and fair price quotes and affordable long distance moving prices for your load transportation and optional full or partial packing needs.

Our Packing Services 

Packing bulky home or office furniture, entire corporate building rooms, fragile appliances and supplies and anything else you might need help with is not an easy chore. If you have zero experience with using specialpadding, bubble wrapping or wooden boxes for packing items or you need help with expediting your employees or transferees in just a few days at a fixed pickup and delivery date and time, we can help you find the fast service you need. We can assist you with dialling down the hassle by making sure everything is well-balanced during the relocation. No matter if you or your employers are responsible for planning and completing the move, make sure you leave the packing on the hands of pros.

Full Packing And Partial Packing Services

As a top moving company, we offer either full packing services or partial packing solutions (or both) for home, commercial and corporate customers. Whether you only need some of your bulkiest and heaviest items professionally packed by professional moving technicians or you need all of your corporate offices to be packed by top movers, the choice is yours.

It is also possible to opt for unpacking services at the new address. Just make sure you clearly specify what type of packing services you need help with and we will provide you with a few free quotes from some expert movers. All the movers we recommend work with well trained and experienced technicians that will guarantee a scratch-free job every time.

Delivery men loading carboard boxes in a van while getting ready for the shipment.

Bulk And Special Item Packing Services

If you need help packing your piano, drum set or other vulnerable musical instruments, decorative pieces, antique furniture part of the family heirloom, chandeliers, mirrors, Chinaware, corporate and office electronics, we are here to help. We can get you in touch with reliable movers that specialize in bulk and special item packing at affordable prices.

What to expect from our top-rated packers:

  • superior packing supplies such as double wrapping, tape, edge protectors, double padding, polyfoam cardboard, inflatable packing tools or custom boxes that can be manufactured in the movers’ facilities to perfectly match the bespoke needs of the customers
  • additional anti-scratching padding and packing solutions for fragile items, including musical instruments, office supplies, furniture, computers or decorations
  • fully tested and industry-approved packing services, supplies and procedures for a zero-damage policy
  • the right know-how and manpower needed for the packing and unpacking
  • full and partial packing and unpacking services at competitive, cheap packing prices
  • detailed items measurements and weighing of all the loads that require packing and unpacking, according to the client’s needs

Affordable Packing Service Prices And Free Estimates

Get in touch with us and we will provide you with multiple free, no-obligation moving quote for your exact moving needs, packing services included. Give us a call or fill in our online form with all the necessary details on your move and we will make sure to include any extra charges for gas, parking, packing supplies and toll fees.

We will only put you in touch with top movers that charge small, competitive packing service fees for full and partial packing.

 Plann your upcoming move with our full moving checklist.

Call us now and let us make your long-term full or partial packing as simple, affordable, effortless, and hassle-free as possible.

Will the mover pack my items for me?

Yes, most movers offer full par partial packing services at attractive rates. They can assist you with dependable and safe packing services and top-quality packing supplies, including free packing boxes, padding, wrappers, tape, bubble wrappers, labels and anything else needed to protect any bulky, heavy or vulnerable items during loading, transportation and unloading. It is also possible to pay for unpacking services at the new address.

Can I hire movers to only partially pack my expensive chinaware cabinet and kitchen items?

Yes, the best interstate movers will have no problem pack everything for you or just a few selected belongings that are too sensitive or fragile for you to move on your own. Choose your favorite custom packing plan with any mover and only pay for the services you re getting.

Can I only get some packing tips/supplies from a mover, if I want to do my own packing?

Of course! Most top state-to-state moving companies have expert blog, tip and advice website sections you can consult for additional moving ideas and recommendations. Plus, you can get in touch with their friendly and well-trained customer support representatives and ask for extra help whenever needed.

Will the truck drivers be responsible for loading all the boxes you have packed yourself?

As long as your boxes will be vetted and deemed safe for transportation, the driver and any other moving personnel should have no problem carrying the boxes from your house or corporate building to the moving vans. To avoid any problems, make sure that all your boxes are carefully labeled and accurately taped.

What is the right way to pack your china so your dishes won’t break?

The easiest way of being 100% sure that your precious chinaware will not break during the transportation is to let us handle the packing. If, for whatever reason, you could prefer to pack your dishes on your own, make sure to use sufficient paddings such as bubble wrapping, packing paper and foam and place a layer of crumpled up paper at the bottom of the boxes and one at the top, once you are done filling them in. Make sure you also fill in every empty space in the box with crumpled packing paper to prevent the dishes from moving around during transportation.

How to properly pack books?

Preferably, use special book boxes that are 1.5 cubic feet and which are the smallest of all standard boxes, making them suitable for heavy and small-sized items like books. Avoid packing books using large boxes as they will not be able to hold their weight (never pack more than 40 pounds in just one box). Make sure that you correctly seal the bottom of the box by using twice the amount of tape you would use on a normal box. To pack limited, hardcover book editions, place them inside the boxes and make sure they will be standing upright, with their spine placed against the side of the boxes.

How should I pack my expensive jewelry and valuables?

Antiques, cash, jewelry and valuable stamp collections that are irreplaceable should be carried with you. However, if you wish them to be included in the shipment, you will need to notify us ahead of time so we can make all the necessary arrangements for you. Get in touch with customer support or your dedicated moving manager and see what is the exact procedure when it comes to moving high-value possessions.

Can I move my house or office plants?

The majority of movers will not pack or move plans given the conditions inside the moving trucks that will most likely damage them. Plus, most US states forbid crossing their borders with plants on board, while some states will admit carrying plants, but only by closely following specific requirements. Make sure the mover is up-to-fate with the state’s regulations before the day of the move, and see that you are personally aware of these regulations if you plan on personally transporting your plants.

How do I move my appliances?

Refrigerators, dryers and washers must be unplugged before the movers reach your place. Washers should also have a stabilizer included and installed.