Having been in the moving industry for several years, US Moving Services fully grasps the concept of relocating a business. In an attempt to guarantee client satisfaction every time, we strive to always put you in touch with the most reliable long distance moving companies nationwide. Expect the highest quality standards that will exceed your expectations every time for a seamless door-to-door commercial relocation to any part of the country. No matter if you are a business manager responsible for moving dozens of employees to a different state or you are an employee trying to complete the relocation of the small team you are leading, we are here to help.

Why You Need The US Moving Services Experience

US Moving Services is comprised of a fully-reliable, experienced, skilled and friendly team of technicians that are constantly busy reviewing, comparing and rating the best cross-country moving companies. We know all the ins and outs of a commercial move and we can direct your steps toward the most affordable, trustworthy, fast and efficient commercial movers on the market.

We know an office move can be as time-consuming as it can be stressful and complicated if the right logistics are not used. Let us provide you with a few satisfying service alternatives that should help you make your office relocation as seamless and easy as possible. Give us a call or simply use our form online and ask for a free quote. We will make sure to assess your exact needs and match them with the most reliable cross-country movers with a thorough understanding of the commercial moving process and all of its hardships.

Most of the top movers we rate provide customers with their dedicated Project Manager that will be responsible for carefully supervising the move, while your employees can keep focusing on their regular work tasks with almost zero interruptions. A reputable office mover will help you attentively plan the process down to every detail, measure and weigh in the items they will need to relocate, prepare the most suitable packing supplies, handle the packing if requested to do so, load, carry and unload the goods in the secured trucks or containers, unload and unpack the items at the new work locations, offices or desks. 

Moving into new apartment family and truck driver signing consignment note outdoor near packed belongings cartoon vector illustration
Happy manual worker using touchpad while communicating with his coworker and organizing package delivery.

What To Expect From A Quality Commercial Mover

  • timely, damage-free delivery on destination
  • top-quality packing and unpacking services using sturdy padding, boxes and wrapping
  • an efficient labeling/inventory system to keep track of all items
  • temporary storage solutions
  • pro-move surveys and relocation planning with volume assessments and measurements for the goods that require relocation
  • packing methodology explained
  • zero-obligation comprehensive moving proposal describing the procedures
  • full or partial packing services for computers and other office gear, files and documents with the help of plastic containers, padding and additional supplies that can ensure high levels of protection
  • confidential file packing in sealed plastic containers
  • covered trucks and crane trucks available for special transportation requirements
  • item unpacking, assembling and placement in the indicated work stations or offices, according to the original plan
  • detailed unpacking services upon request for managers who do not wish to have their employees be involved in the relocation
  • packing material removal from the new commercial space once all the unpacking is complete

Cheap Commercial Moving Services One Click Away

We provide free, no-obligation, fair commercial move price quotes and only charge the the most affordable and competitive commercial move prices in the industry. There is no need to break the bank for your upcoming commercial relocations with top-rated moving services.

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